Our Story

SOQUELEC was founded in 1974 by the late Jean-Pierre and Yette Slakmon. From its humble beginnings in the late seventies, SOQUELEC has grown to represent a wide variety of manufacturers and to provide its customers with a full range of quality products to meet their specific growing needs in an environment of rapidly evolving technology. 

Our Mission

SOQUELEC specializes in the sales and service of scientific equipment for applications in material and life sciences, including Electron Microscopy, 2D and 3D X-Ray Scanning, and Elemental Analysis.

Our Team

  • Marc Slakmon, President

  • Philippe Semana, Eng., Vice President of Operations

  • Ariel Roytman, MSc., Technical Sales Specialist – MicroCT

  • Stefano Rubino, PhD., Sales and Service Representative – Electron Microscopy

  • Bushra Alam, Technical Sales Manager

  • Hélène Potier, Project & Consumable Manager

  • Mohamed Benamrou, Controller

  • Julie Tannous, Administrative Assistant